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Out with the old, in with the new-ish! Repainting furniture.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I moved and wanted a new look for my place, but did not want to go all out on new furniture. My Gran always said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But I wanted a new look. So what did I do? I repainted the furniture I had & replaced the knobs and handles for a budget friendly updated look.

It was pretty easy, but you may want to grab a friend to help for the fellowship and expedited paint job.

Materials: Amy Howard One Step Paint and Clear Wax to seal it (there are a few waxes for different finishes), Paint Brushes, I used a 2.5" natural bristle brush (they do make chalk paint & wax specific brushes), drop cloth, new knobs/drawer pulls (you can also paint yours), a willingness to work & a touch of patience

Step 1: Clean off your furniture with soap and water

Step 2: Take all of your drawers out

Step 3: Put all of your furniture on drop cloth

Step 4: Painting, I watched a couple of videos and phoned a friend or two before I started for advice and techniques. I diluted my paint with 10% water, to help spread the paint more easily. Then, I started with the smaller parts, like sides of drawers first, and went onto the bigger sections. I only needed two coats for the look I wanted. You should wait 12-24 hours for each coat to dry before you begin a new one.

Step 5: Wax it. Like Mr. Miyagi said, wax on, wax off. Let it dry for another 24 hours. If you want to do another coat of wax, repeat this step.

Step 6: Put the knobs back on and enjoy your new-ish pieces!!!

I found my knobs on Hobby Lobby's website and Amazon.

If you want to know more about this project, let me know!


My friend Chris-Tyler Young did the watercolor for me when we were in college - support your friend's dreams. I still use my Pop's cigar box to store my Gran's jewelry she gave me. The jewelry stands were from Amazon. The lamp base & shade were from Target. Oh and don't forget the de-puffing jade roller from Sephora.

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