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Dog Treat Decor

Everyone knows that the dog treat packages are not the cutest vibe to have lying out on your counter. If you're like me, you don't have a lot of cabinet space to put them on or maybe the counter is the most practical spot for you. My dog Jazmine LOVES a post walk treat and the occasional chew stick and takes daily medicine for her thyroid, so we have quite a few types of treats to keep handy.

A great way to add some boho flavor to the treat station is to use cute cookie jars *like this one* from Opalhouse™-- (Oh how I love their stuff. We will talk more about that brand another time)! * or kitchen storage jars to put them in. I found mine at World Market on clearance while browsing the store one day. Another place I love to search is thrift stores- sometimes you stumble upon the cutest things!

Last, but not least- to complete the boho pet station look- FLOWERS!!! Fresh flowers are my JAM! You get a new vibe every week to your place & there are so many flowers to choose from. Personally, I LOVE going to the farmers market or grocery store to pick up flowers. Flowers can always brighten your mood, even if you're already dazzling, my dear! Maybe even pick one up on your walk and put it in your hair and give yourself a cute boho look ;)

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